Using Hip Hop Beats To Create An Album

Are you interested in music? You can use them just like you would use real hardware synths - only difference is that they're software and you install them as plugins (some work as stand-alone too) to your DAW which acts as a host to these synths and you use them to produce sounds which you can use to compose melodies and make music.

This video is done in FL Studio, but the same rules apply to other music production software. Mixing is the process of combining all the instruments you've recorded into a stereo 2-track mix (left-right or surround if that's your thing). BUT - there are some people who prefer hardware beat makers to software ones.

You'll learn to produce your track from scratch into a full-fledged professional beat. 8 Digital samplers , such as the E-mu SP-12 and SP-1200 , and the Akai MPC series, have also been used future type beat instrumental to sample drum beats. I personally use drum- and top loops quite a lot to enhance the rhythmic sections of my songs.

When rappers come to CashMoneyAp's YouTube page or BeatStars account—an alternative to SoundClick that provides assurances like the ability to draft contracts for producers—they know it will be affordable and his name will get you some clicks in the process.

Production is your way of deciding how the music sounds. Separate them into different music players per album, or per style, so that the songs are easy to browse and buy. Even if you play many keys at the same time it sounds smooth. You've (hopefully) learned that it doesn't take half-a-million dollars worth of gear to make electronic music, and you're eager to get started and put a track together.

I personally own five music production programs in addition to my main editing software, Pro Tools, and use them for different applications. Simply pick the visualizer that best suits the genre of the track, upload the audio and allow us to provide you with a simple and free music video.

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